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Apple iPhone 5 Invite

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We're once again at the tail end of an annual ritual, the iPhone rumor cycle, and we're just days away from finding out what Apple has been working on for the past year. Will the iPhone 5 look exactly like the leaks, effectively an elongated 4 / 4S with a new mini dock connector? Will it support LTE on every US carrier? Are there any surprises in iOS 6 that Cupertino has been keeping under its hat? Will it even be called the iPhone 5 at all? Everything will be revealed at 10AM PT on Wednesday, September 12th, and we'll be covering it live.

07:00AM - Hawaii
09:00AM - Alaska
10:00AM - Pacific
11:00AM - Mountain
12:00PM - Central
01:00PM - Eastern
02:00PM - São Paulo
06:00PM - London
07:00PM - Paris
09:00PM - Moscow
02:00AM - Tokyo (September 13th)
03:00AM - Sydney (September 13th)

Read the live blog right here!

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